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Sauna headrests


A head rest for the sauna with four dishes on a platform that shape to any single person’s head. It is called a sauna pillow and that is how it feels. The dishes ensure that neck and shoulders remain free of ballast and offer comfortable lying of the head.

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Sauna backrests


The backrests are ergonomically designed and shape to everyone’s back, so it ensures an ultimate relaxing body position in regular sauna or infrared sauna.

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The HaLu Spa Table is a compact and multifunctional solution. Both face and body treatments as steaming and washing takes place on the table, which makes a compact but complete treatment room possible.

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Comfort and ease during massage. The back of the head, the neck and the shoulders are completely without ballast and hereby the treatment can be performed effortlessly. The Hammam version is ideal for usage in wet locations like Turkish steam bath and hammam.

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Lying relaxed under or in a solarium, with your head in the best position for optimal tanning? The revolutionary HaLu principle makes it possible and even comfortable. No more white stripes in the neck and one-sided tanning. Not even when you fall asleep.

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