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HaLu B.V. is a relatively young organization based in the Netherlands. In essence HaLu B.V. is a Research & Development company, constantly looking for new solutions to existing problems. The basis of HaLu’s origin as well as the basis of long-term future perspective lie in this R&D capability. HaLu B.V. invented and commercialized the HaLu principle, and aims to develop more completely new products and different applications of the existing products.

In the organization of HaLu this fundamental problem solving approach is key. Every employee is trained to be pragmatic and hands-on. This is one of the key strengths that makes HaLu good in engineering and flexible in doing business.

Although HaLu is relatively small organization, this is compensated by effort and dedication to the product and maintaining good relationships with other parties. HaLu is big in its ambitions, and aims to be world leader in sauna-pillows in the long-term, and reach global coverage with their products.

HaLu aims at being the best, which means delivering the highest quality, against the lowest possible price. Furthermore, HaLu guarantees the quality of the products they offer. For more information on the products, see the product page. For more information on quality and service standards, see the code of conduct.