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Code of Conduct

Quality Claim
We’ve got the best sauna pillow in the world. All our products are durable, high-quality and provide comfort to any user. All our pillows provide unique head-support and change the experience of the user in a positive way.

For samples we handle a “no good money back” policy. In practice this means, when requesting a sample at first the regular price is being invoiced. In case the product does not satisfy the expectations, the product can be returned to HaLu B.V. against reimbursement. In that case , only the shipping costs have to paid, so the costs of a sample equal the freight charges.

Quality norms
Regarding our products we maintain certain high standards, we only want to deliver products of good quality. In real terms this means the following:

– No large chinks or cracks between the hinges and the wooden/plastic surface.
– No glue residue.
– A fixed distance between the pads.
– No damage to the wood/plastic.

Service norms
On all our products a general warranty is provided of three months. Outside of these three months we provide an unlimited warranty on assembly/production errors. In case of a product breakdown we urge you to pursue the following guidelines.

– Take a close up picture of the broken pillow.
– Send the picture, a description of what happened and the delivery date to sylvie@halubv.com
– This information will be reviewed and evaluated.
– In case the problem is a result of a production or assembly error, a new product will be delivered. Reimbursement is never possible.

In general we aim to respond as soon as possible. Via Email our maximum response time is within 2 working days. Via Phone the office can be reached Monday untill Friday from 8.30 – 1500 o ‘clock:

On Mobile the Sales/Marketing department can be reached seven days a week.

During working days : 08.00-20.00
In weekends : 10:00-20.00

For more information on support in marketing and service, please see support.

Delivery norms:
We strive to ship any order within 2 working days, provided that all ordered items are in stock.

A retailer has a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces per order, unless specified otherwise. The first order however is free of a MOQ.

A wholesaler has a minimum order quantity of 150 pieces per order, unless specified otherwise. The first order however is free of a MOQ.

The pricing for our products is available on request.

For more information please take a look at the General Terms & Conditions of Sales under ‘Conditions’.

Usage norms:

Please take a look at the Disclaimer under ‘Conditions’.