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Sauna Rectangular

With four flexible dishes the HaLu pillow does not only look totally different as the traditional head rests but it also feels really different.

You hardly notice that there is something situated beneath the head,  but the head is lifted in such a way that it provides a comfortable position. You are not slipping off and the pressure from the head rather than from the shoulder prevents the pillow from moving. This way the neck muscles can completely relax.

The wooden Halu pillow is the ultimate headrest for usage in the sauna. More and more people know about the existence of the pillow and enjoy the comfort and ergonomics .

This pillow is available in Aspen, Abachi and Red Cedar wood. All of these wooden materials meet the same hygiene requirements as traditional sauna benches.

Wood types


Aspen wood is the wood type which is used the most often for sauna accessories. Soft to the touch and heat-absorbing.


The characteristics of red cedar are generally the same as Abachi but besides this it also has a very pleasant smell and a bit more luxurious appearance.