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Spa Table

Totaalbeeld tafel

HaLu has developed a new multifunctional spa treatment table, the HaLu Spa Table. A table, on which all treatments take place, including washing of the body and steaming.

The HaLu Spa Table is suitable for a large number of face and body treatments, such as thalassotherapy, body mask, (ayurvedic) oil pouring, massage, peeling, steam treatment, hammam soaping, facial treatment, and follow-up care.

The HaLu Spa table turns a beauty treatment into an unforgettable experience. The customer remains lying on the table during the whole treatment which keeps him or her comfortably warm. The warmth contributes to the improvement of relaxation, which not only makes the total treatment a more relaxing experience, but also intensifies the effect of the treatment.

The Spa/beauty institute does not need different tables, a separate shower cabin and a separate steam cabin anymore. The HaLu Spa table is an affordable investment that recovers the investment cost in less than half a year. The total solution guarantees undisturbed serenity during the treatment. The appointments can be planned more efficiently as less time is necessary for cleaning the body and the customer does not need to take a (long) shower anymore. Easy and quick cleaning, no wetness and dirt outside the table, excellent hygiene, water saving, saving of space and saving of time are just a few of the advantages that make the HaLu Spa Table the best treatment table.




  • Heated gravel: uses the power of nature to ensure excellent lying comfort, relieve of muscles and joints, intensified effect of the treatment, and improved blood circulation.




















  • Steam function: the safe steaming program that can be adjusted according to one’s needs, together with the separate dome, makes a steam cabin superfluous. The uncomfortable body wrapping with thermal foil or plastic sheets belongs to the past.

















  • Separate dome for steaming program for the body (excluding head)

















  • Adjustable height: makes it easy to get on and off the table and offers an ergonomic working height.





  • Atmospheric lightning: the LED lightning in a relaxing colour, a vitalizing colour, or a soft variation of colours, provides a relaxed atmosphere.






  • Washing on the table: the hand shower makes cleaning of the body on the table possible, as a result of which a separate douche cabin is needless. The washing facility ensures peace and quiet during the treatment and no wet floors.


  • Soaping or massage

The HaLu Spa Table is a compact and multifunctional total solution suitable for a large variety of treatments that can be installed in every body and beauty treatment company. Developed for companies that want to invest in their future!